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Raising the Bar

Visionary Approach

We are the benchmark contracting company within Suriname, and operate on internationally accepted and respected health, safety, environmental, community and quality standards. Our operations are diversified, including transport, hauling, earth moving, general contracting, construction, manpower and specialized services supply.

ISO & OHSAS Certified

We give high priority to a healthy, safe and environmental friendly work environment. In line with this, we are OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified. With this Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management system, which also applies to contractors, we continuously improve and monitor our occupational health, safety and environmental performance.

Haukes & The Community

As one of the leading companies in Suriname, Haukes N.V. is well aware of the social responsibility she carries within the Surinamese community. We are very committed to doing her part when it comes to supporting various community projects for the betterment of the society.

Dedicated Personnel

We are committed to provide a work environment in which every employee is treated fairly and with respect. We believe that the employees are essential to its success and as a result, human resource development is a vital aspect within our business. Our people are trained regularly and willing to grow with us.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Proven Track Record by being the Industry Benchmark

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Fuel Tanker Ready

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Our Fuel tanker with a capacity of 61000 liters.

In for Maintenance

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Adequate performance of our equipment requires timely service and maintenance. Here two of our CAT’s.

Workhorse Spotted!

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Our landcruiser, mine equiped, what a workhorse!

Cat D9T Transport

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Transport full operational Cat D9T with own weight 49 m/ton

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